Arrested On The New Jersey Turnpike

A large percentage of the criminal charges filed in Woodbridge arises on the track of the New Jersey Turnpike falling within the Township, especially at the Thomas Edison and Grove Cleveland Rest Area. One of the largest stretches of the Turnpike, nearly 5.25 miles, is located in the municipality. All sorts of encounters between police occur in this area with the most prevalent resulting in some form of drug charge.

NJ Turpike Lawyer Woodbridge

This includes those in possession or attempting to purchase heroin, pain medication or other CDS, to those distributing drugs. Alcohol related offenses like DWI are also common in this area. If you were charged with any type of criminal or traffic offense on the Turnpike in Woodbridge NJ, our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is here to help you. The defense attorneys, many of whom are former prosecutors, regularly handle cases in Woodbridge Township Municipal Court, as well as indictable charges at the Middlesex County Superior Court. To discuss your cases with an experienced Woodbridge Criminal Attorney, call 732-634-0700 for a free consultation.

Charged With Possession of Distribution Of CDS On The Turnpike

You may have been searched after being stopped for a motor vehicle violation like speeding or because your license plate showed an outstanding warrant. It may also be that you were smoking, injecting or otherwise using drugs at a service or rest area in Woodbridge. Either way, the resulting heroin possession offense can have serious consequences to your life. The scenario is much worse in terms of penalties if you have been accused of selling, distributing or possessing drugs with intent to distribute. For anyone arrested on charges like these, their first mission needs to be to find the best attorney to handle their case. There really is not any other questions that need to be addressed other than, perhaps, issues concerning bail if someone is still in custody. However, a lawyer can prove invaluable with this issue as well so it is always worth taking advantage of a free consultation with counsel irrespective of the type of drug charge you are facing.

Woodbridge NJ Turnpike Charge Defense Attorneys

Most people would be shocked if they really knew just how many Superior Court heroin and other drug arrests are made along the Turnpike in Woodbridge. The Thomas Edison service area, which is located between Exit 11 & 12 is the biggest source of charges since this is a common location for drug transactions (e.g. buying and selling CDS) and for users to stop to use drugs as they are driving southbound. Grover Cleveland is also a busy spot for offenses but certainly not as popular. If you or a loved one was arrested on the Turnpike for DWI, drug possession, distribution of CDS or any other violation, call our Woodbridge attorneys for immediate assistance at 732-634-0700.